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If you are building a new search solution with Elasticsearch, you may face some of these challenges:

  • Lacking the necessary Elasticsearch expertise

  • Undefined search objectives

  • Automated testing is an afterthought

  • Timelines that are constantly changing

  • No real strategy for query design or relevance scoring


Avoid these challenges and other common pitfalls with a search foundation project that starts you on the right track.

Search Foundation Goals
Search Foundation Process


The search foundation project guides you through the entire thought process of designing and implementing a testable search solution from the ground up.

  • Defining your search objectives

  • Understanding your search model

  • Creating custom text analysis

  • Designing your query

  • Enhancing your relevance with custom scoring and score tuning


The search foundation delivers a reference implementation customized to your search objectives.


  • Automated tests for all objectives

  • Optimized Elasticsearch mappings

  • Customized text analysis

  • Documented query design

  • Custom scoring and score tuning

Search Foundation Deliverables
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